About me

There is much that I might write and say, or I might say and write nothing. Looking back is not the best choice, nor is peeking forward. It is best to live and watch the world, the life around us, here and now, to watch it breathing, struggling, wanting to live, laughing, spinning, sometimes weeping, sleeping late … here and now.
Still, here comes something for all those nosy parkers snooping on what I have done so far in life as a musician.

Born on a fine summer’s day, August 27, to a mum and dad who try hard to make the world a lovely place for me. After this date I will skip a number of years, listing only those years of music which belong in this context. As a fourth-grader I knock on the door of the music school to sign up for piano lessons, all by myself. When I finish lower music school, there is a bitter aftertaste as I had long believed that I would be a pianist. But life goes its own way. In my final year of high school I meet Diego Barrios Ross, who becomes my first real teacher of solo singing. This is also the year when I meet the group Planet Groove, and we work together until 2002, when the victory of Sestre (The Sisters) at EMA, the national preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest, prompts me to take an independent path in music.

In 2001 comes the victory at the Chanson Festival, with a group founded only and solely for this occasion. In 2002, the song Tisoč (A Thousand), composed for me by Rok Golob and Štefan Miljević, is awarded the first prize by the Slovenian Popsong expert commission.

I travel. With the group Šukar, a brilliant collaborator, I visit the country of my heart, Japan.

In 2003, I perform independently at the music contest EMA, introducing myself with the song Sedmi čut (The Seventh Sense).

In 2004 I take part in the Slovenian Popsong again, this time with a song entitled Nad vse (Above Everything), for which I have composed the music myself.

In 2005 I try my luck for the last time in the preselection for the Eurovision Song, performing the song Anima, to which I have largely contributed both music and lyrics. This composition clearly outlines the way for my first CD of the same title, released in 2006 by Menart Records. The album, receiving excellent reviews, is ranked by Vikend Magazin among the three best music products of 2006. The piece entitled Ko bi le vedel (If Only You Knew) achieves an undreamt-of success, and the album sells unexpectedly well. The story is repeated with the song Še vedno verjamem (I Still Believe), where I feature for the first time as both songwriter (with the help of my friend, Štefan Miljević) and composer. We shoot videos for both songs, Ko bi le vedel and Še vedno verjamem.

In 2007/2008 I graduate from the Graz University for Art and Music and return to Ljubljana. Together with the group Laibach I set out on a spring tour, which awakens the nomad in me, inspiring a longing for a grand music tour of the world.

In October 2009 I release my second independent album, SAKURA, which is Japanese for ‘cherry blossom’. A new beginning, but also a sequel to Anima. A woman’s view of the world. My view of the world. The fleeting of time.

The two of us, Sakura and I, rise together every day and turn in together every evening. We breathe as one, live as one. The pieces on the album are far more confessional, more critical of society, yet the album is very optimistic, loving and positive. They tell me that I have grown up, although it does not feel that way.

Every day, too, there wakes in my heart a little perky girl, a girl who refuses to grow up and will on no condition accept social authority. Her hair is braided in two pigtails, her dress is usually spotted and a little torn, and there is soil beneath her fingernails as she likes every day to transplant and plant flowers and trees, where little birds can take a rest and build up their strength. She does not care for people with downturned corners of the mouth and turned-up noses. Her favourite company is her best friend, Kaja, who has big ears and is orange-white in colour. They communicate with their fingers and noses. She likes best to sleep in a metal bed; it is her ship, where all her friends find shelter from the storm – Kaja, deaf Mihec, snot-nosed Ančka, special Suza, short-tailed Majda and limping Pier (sometimes joined by headstrong Miki). And so they sail on, fleeing from pirates, washed by waves, while the sun’s broad smile on the horizon is already beckoning them to its lagoon. There they swim a lot, enjoying the mellow bananas and the coconut milk.

Nemo has long since found his home, the little birds have long been free.

She hugs the world, and the world hugs her back. Sometimes she clowns, writhing, pulling faces and screaming, sometimes she feels lonely and a little frightened, but for the most part she is content because she lives as she pleases.

Right now we are allowing ourselves to dream that I will go on to be a great opera singer. This is because we have met a mistress of life and singing. We are enormously lucky to encounter such precious pearls on our way.”

…and for fun…

Residence: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Formal education: University of music and dramatic arts Graz, Austria

Mentors: Laurie Antonioli, Dena DeRose, Lela Radovan, prof. Alenka Bajc Slokar

Parents: Boža and Jože

Brothers and sisters: Mateja (younger sister)

First job: selling CDs in music store

First vocal mentor: Diego Barrios Ross

First successes: playing piano

Early failures: all concerning sport and obeying of authority

Life philosophy: »Be the change you want to see« Gandhi

I love: to live circled with animals, travels, courageous and compassionate people

I dislike: conversations about career, conversations about money

Favourite actor / actress: Denzel Washington/ Meryl Streep

Best movie: Farienlli

Music that I like: Sarah Vaughan, Erykah Badu, D’Angelo, Miles Davis, Traviata, Bach, Cecilia Bartoli, Kiri Te Kanawa, silence

If I wasn’t a singer I would be…: whisperer to wolves

Favourite food: vegan sushi

Favourite drink: live water, green tea

Favourite books: Reason for hope ( Jane Goodall), Mutat message down under (Marlo Morgan)