Paris honey


At the end of nineties Jadranka Juras starts her prosperous path in music outlined by the popular group Planet Groove. Together with the mentioned group she releases 2 CDs: Livin’ on planet earth and Zakon gravitacije (The Law of Gravitation).

The combination of jazz singing, the influences of modern popular music and her wish to contribute both music and lyrics performs her 2 best authorial products of wide response: the first album entitled Anima and the later one entitled Sakura. Both albums receive excellent reviews and both CD’s singles are ranked on top of the music scale of the most prominent broadcasting stations in Slovenia. She closely cooperates with all prominent composers and musicians in Slovenia and perf orms many concerts both in Slovenia and abroad.

In the first half of 2015 Jadranka Juras recorded her third album Paris honey. The album was recorded in the studio of the prominent jazz guitarist Primož Grašič. The album is the same tirne also her first jazz album. Her new CD comprises 9 jazz standards and one authorial song which is written for jazz trio comprising Robert Jukič on double bass, Milan Stanisavljevic on piano and Kristijan Krajnčan on drums. Milan Stanisavljevic acts as a vocal arranger and links the album into its entirety. Many well known musical guests such as trumpeter Igor Matkovič, saxophonist Lenart Krečič, guitarist Primož Gračič and flautist Anja Burnik leave deep impressions on the album Paris honey.

01 Paris
02 Honeysuckle Rose
03 The Man I Love
04 The Night We Called It a Day
05 You Must Believe In Spring
06 Dienda
07 This Masquerade feat. Anja Burnik
08 The Night We Called It a Day
09 Water Mandala